10 Social Media Tips For Your Business

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Many businesses underestimate the importance of social media and how several tweets can bring you a lot of new customers. For a lot of our clients, social media has overtaken PPC in terms of the sales leads. Take a look at our top 10 social media tips for businesses…

1. Information

Before you do anything else, make sure you provide all the relevant information about your business, including:

– A detailed description

– Contact details (phone number/email)

– Website

2. Cover image

The cover image is crucial for making a memorable first impression on social media. Use colourful images that best define the nature of your business. Cover image space is good for advertising a service, event or just having a picture that best represents you.

3. Profile picture

Just like the cover photo, the profile picture is one of the most important parts of your social media profile. Make sure that your profile picture is easily recognisable by your existing clients. Use icons or full logos, it’s up to you!

4. Social media is all about conversation

Chat with your followers by replying to them. Answer as many questions as you can. Make sure you respond quickly as customers expect brands to respond on social media quicker than on any other customer service outlet.

5. Engage

It’s not about the number of likes or follows. The number of users that are engaging with your page is what matters the most. Strive to maintain a conversation with your existing fans. Ask questions, post quality content and think outside of the box. Try not to avoid negative comments and deal with them in the most positive way possible.

6. Be visual

Posts that have images are most likely to be liked, shared and retweeted. Post visually appealing images and tag other companies or people to maximise your impressions.

7. Be diverse and interesting

Make your social media account the most interesting place in the world by posting diverse content such as articles, videos, images and whatever else you can think of. Surprise your audience each time you post. Be fun, spontaneous and unpredictable!

8. Don’t post too much

We would recommend you to post between 2-4 posts per day. Get to know your audience and post content that will grab their attention. Try not to spam their feed with the same content as they may unlike/unfollow you.

9. Stay up to date with social media

Social media networks evolve almost everyday so it’s vital for you to adapt to changes and stay relevant to your audience. Read social media blogs or contact us for some advice.

10. Promote your social media accounts

We advise you to invest in social media advertising to increase your potential target reach. For as little as £2 per day you can reach thousands of people who may be willing to do business with you in the future. 

Source: lyubcho.com

Author: carveblog

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