3 techniques to mingle your Blogging and Email Marketing Strategies

Author: bonfaytech

In Digital Marketing,
Blogging and Email Marketing are the efficient channels to build great
reputation for an organization in Internet. Even both strategies have different
purposes, they are effective in driving huge internet traffic for a website.

It is sure that the
combination of both email marketing and Blogging will accelerate your content
actions and you can harvest the effectiveness bring by this

Here, we suggest some
simple ways to combine your email marketing and blogging actions that will
drive more positive results. Let us see.

1.     Sending mails regarding your blog

This technique is
already used by many top brands for promoting their launches and brands. In
this approach, the Bloggers and Digital Marketers create a blog post regarding
their business. Once publish the blog post, they use their Email Marketing
Campaign to explore their new blog post to the people.

The disadvantage in
this technique is that in a case, if the email message is not optimized for
your content, it will not get the audience attention and get the click through
rates in a minimum number.

Hence you need to
deliver great efforts to draft email that should optimize your blog content.

2.     Use Autoresponders for FAQs

Autoresponder is a
sequence of Email messages that are sent to your subscribers in the order you
want to send them.

All you need to do is
to collect frequently asked questions in your niche and create informative and
innovative blog posts which offer answers to the questions and put the posts in
your Autoresponders.

In your Autoresponders,
add the link back to your blog posts which helps the subscribers to reach your
blog efficiently.

3.     Provide free updates frequently

Create a “Free Updates”
page for your website that allows people to easily sign up for your list and
get a free ebook, video, or other piece of premium content.

 Then link to that page
in the navigation bar of your site and make it visible on every page of your
site — you never know what page or post of your site a reader might discover

Author: bonfaytech

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