5 Ways How to Win Facebook Video Ads 2018

Author: thevisualcube

Ever thought about budgeting for video ads for your business? Not sure if you want to go with Facebook or YouTube? According to forbes.com views on branded video content increased 258% on Facebook and 99% on YouTube as of June 2017. These stats are no mistake, as Facebook has worked diligently to transform the social element (something YouTube has lacked since inception) in to the success of their videos.

What makes the statistic even more substantial is the fact that the first quarter of 2017 saw a 258% rise compared to the last quarter of 2016, and the second quarter of 2017 saw a rise of 311% compared to the first quarter of 2017.

In terms of analytics Facebook provides an irresistible metric of the user base engaging videos. This is something YouTube has yet to master. This unique feature means that Facebook is ripe to create opportunities to local business through sponsored content, and this article discuss 5 ways how to win Facebook video ads 2018.

When to Upload a Video

This is vital and should be planned ahead if you do decide to advertise your video on Facebook. You do not want to advertise a video with no engagement (likes, comments, shares). So plan ahead to upload the video and have your followers engage it and give it time to accumulate views. If you advertise a video that was recently uploaded with no visible engagement, users who see this as an advertisement will take it less seriously.

When to Advertise the Uploaded Video

According to the Forbes report, the most views on sponsored video content on Facebook were generated in both December 2016 and March 2017. Each of these month total views reached closed 2.5 billion. The holiday season contributed to the increased views in December, while the higher number of views in March could likely be attributed to the NCAA match madness event. So… if you are a retailer knowing that your gift ideas are well fitted for the holiday season, plan to advertise in December, as people look for gift giving ideas. If you are a retailer dealing with sporting goods, then March seem to be the ideal month to advertise. Just like that, find out when the best time for your niche to engage facebook users with paid advertising.

How to Get More Views

The most-watched videos by a facebook publisher were in the month of June (UK media company LADbible). It was able to create almost 2.8 billion total views on its own. The best part yet was they were able to make the viewer watch the video till completion on 85% of their videos for that month. That is a staggering achievement. What’s their secret? They were able to follow the3 Fundamentals of Video Marketing. And their videos usually did not exceed 20-30 seconds. Make your contents be beneficial for the viewer. Tell them how you can solve their problems, and significantly improve their lifestyle with what you do.

Popular Creator Type

Media companies performed better in terms of attracting audience views. 71% of the sponsored video content on facebook in the second quarter was generated from media companies. Since May of 2016, 75% of all sponsored video views came in from media brands. The best part about this sponsored content was the fact that the videos were bite sized chunks that were under 60 seconds. Instead of delivering traditional news segments, the videos were put together to entertain people on more recent current events.

Most Popular Content Genres

It is obvious that facebook users are willing to invest watching sponsored that is entertaining. As a matter fact the entertainment value is the number one reason facebook fans watched sponsored video. Over 55% of views generated in the second quarter of 2017 were on entertainment-related content.  The next was sports-based sponsored videos that accounted to 32% of the views. Thereafter the next three popular genres were:

(1) Food and drink

(2) People and blogs

(3) Music and dance

Now you have a fairly good grasp of how essentially a prime opportunity that awaits your business or brand by advertising on facebook. I wish you luck – Vijith

Author: thevisualcube

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