An Advertising Site
That Pays Members
A Share Of ALL Revenue!!

What is it? How does it work?
Meet the owner/admin Charles Scoville
An introduction to AdHitProfits


  • AdHitProfits is NOT MLM, Matrix, HYIP, Autosurfing, Investment Site, Ponzi or any of those “fly by night” deals.


  • We are splitting the profits with members and DON’T pay members with OTHER members cash!


  • You WILL earn 10% commissions from your referral’s purchases no matter if you are a FREE or PAID member.


  • There is NO need to refer to earn. The only requirement is to click 10 members ads per day (takes a few minutes).


  • No need to “jump through hoops” like other sites, to make a withdrawal. Payments are same day (usually within minutes).

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