Anthony Morrison – Life, Career & Accomplishments

Anthony Morrison was born on December 24th in the year 1982 in the state of Mississippi, United States. He was a mere boy with a lot of interest in internet marketing. After seeing that his family was in a financial crisis, he started to put all his effort and hard work into online money making. He is famous for the TV infomercial series that is presented by author Mark Victor Hansen as the host. It is running from 2009. He is the author of many books, and they are all available online. You will find him in financial publications such as the Los Angeles time, Success Magazine and Growing Wealth Magazine. Being born in the state of Mississippi, he stayed there during his young days. He attended the Mississippi College in Clinton. When he was a student and only twenty-years of age, his family was going through insolvency. He became the savior by receiving his first check. His first business is the Cool Blue Performance which distributed high-performance parts for Ford Mustang auto.

Anthony Morrison’s career – Ups & Downs

He never stopped working hard, and now he has over twenty companies. He has many best-selling books on the niche of internet moneymaking. For example, one of his books is the “365 days to Success” and he designed it for people so that they can earn money from home whether they have a real job or not. It is for those individuals who are thinking of learning ways to make money from the web. The book teaches the people on how to improve on affiliate marketing and e-commerce. After you learn that, you will be able to follow a 365-day plan and make money. He is so intelligent that he picked the number of days to be 365. Other programs last for two weeks or one month. You will come across programs for 30 days or 14. Do you think that is enough time to master affiliate marketing or e-commerce and make plenty of money? He took around eight months to complete the program and come up with the best guide for training yourself. Small steps are necessary for success, and you will be able to do that with Anthony Morrison’s books.

His personality is a dynamic one!

If you wonder how he managed to achieve all these, it is because of his personality and attitude. He motivates others and always focuses on winning. Beginning a business is like a marathon. You should have the capability to deal with risks and obstacles till you have success. Anthony Morrison is full of resilience, commitment, persistence, and perseverance. Tenacity is something he had since he started working to earn money for his family. He believes that if you are striving to be a top entrepreneur, you have to deal with failure. He is the perfect definition of a risk taker because he had the particular attribute of “tolerance of ambiguity” and he deals is not scared of anything. Self-confidence is another trait in him that made him get rid of fears. He can adapt to market conditions to make profits.

Don’t listen to His Critic – they have Grievances for Sure!

Even today, many individuals do not like him because he is exposing all the secrets. Another reason is that because he is winning in the competition of internet marketers. People all around the globe are grateful because they are learning new ways to money making. Those who are facing unemployment can earn money quickly from their home without ant investment. The books are easy to understand and full of important information. Everything he wrote is from personal experience and knowledge. He did not copy from anyone. Anthony Morrison and his books are entirely original.


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