Are You Doing Tip 5?: Week 8

How can you actually stand out?

1. First things first, add value

Go above and beyond expectations of your customers.
Give them something of true value they really want or need. If not, you will
remain white noise in all the static. Share things that are instructional,
informative, and even funny. Draw them in so they look forward to your posts,
emails, etc.

2. Ask what your customers really want

Asking questions is good thing! This gives your
customers the opportunity to feel valued and that they have a true voice. Take
it one step further and have some weekly topics on their suggestions. This is a
great way to boost customer retention.

3. Show you care

Treat your followers as friends. Kindness and
gratitude and show them you care about who they are. Simply knowing their dog’s
name removes them from the masses and adds a personal touch.

4. Don’t be dull, show your personality

It’s not all about content, content, content.
Add some emotion and pops of personality. It does not take a lot to just share
a post, picture, etc. Your followers/customers know that. Add a little more to
get more.

5. Rely to all comments and questions

Back to number three, responding to your
comments are a must. Interaction is what you want so why ignore it? Keep the interaction
chain as long as possible. Facebook especially will begin to value your posts
more with an increase of likes, comments, and shares.

6. Don’t be generic

You have to be authentically passionate about
what you do and the customers you serve. True passion is contagious.

7. Be visual!

Don’t bore your customers with post after post,
add some visuals. People are more likely to be drawn in to a bright, fun, and
colorful picture than boring text. Mix it up, add a video, GIF, etc.

8. Always know the trends

Always know that is current in today’s media. No
one is still taking about what color that dress is, we have moved on to bigger
better things. Know what to post and how to post it. Again, instructional,
informative, and funny.

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