Celebrating the Success of STARKEY Realty!

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began working with Melissa Starkey of STARKEY Realty earlier this year on her custom real
estate website. Things progressed, and the busy season took its toll. Melissa
reached out to us last week with some of the remaining information we needed to
complete her site. She asked if we’d be able to finish the site in time for her
ribbon cutting ceremony on May 24, which was a couple days away. And we said, sure.


the little things like prioritizing a website for a local business in time for their launch event that sets Sprout apart.
With a little maneuvering, we were able to publish the site in time to have it
scrolling on the big screen as Mayor Jim Bouley cut the ceremonial ribbon,
welcoming STARKEY Realty into the Main St. business community.


The STARKEY Realty office is
located at 132.5 N. Main Street in Concord, NH.

Beyond the services of copy writing, web design, and SEO, we’re a team of people that cares deeply about the success of your company and the enrichment of the business community overall.

Want to work with people
who’s success is based on your success? Contact us to find out what the Sprout experience is all
about. We’re in the business of growing your company and enriching the business
community. Let’s
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Author: sproutnews

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