Want to learn how I earn Bitcoin Daily?

I remember the bad old days of trying to earn daily profits with PTC sites and revshare sites, where you had to click 10 to 50 ads every single day to make a few cents. Do you remember too? Did you do it too? It was insane. Who wants to spend 1/2 hour to 1 hour a day every day just clicking and viewing other peoples ads for cents. No one will make themselves wealthy doing that. In fact it makes me feel a little queezy just thinking about it.

Well, I have something to show you, and yes it does require a daily action also. Not clicking ads, just make a simple small transaction, it takes about 20 seconds. I'll explain it all below.

Do you have to refer people to earn? absolutely not, this can be done completely passively if you wish. However, like most online opportunities you can make a lot more by referring a few friends.

Does this require an investment to get started, well yes, but start small, $20 to $30 is all that is needed. But if you are like me you will soon see the power of the daily earnings and want to invest a bit more over time.

OK, I'm going to give you a complete overview now and I will be adding a video below very soon. But most importantly I will add a complete step by step guide below that so anyone can follow along, how to get set up, what to do, everything will be explained.

How Does It work?

To start with we will be using a new cryptocurrency called EDinarCoin or EDC

We purchase some EDC with our initial investment of bitcoin. Then we earn some EDC daily, let it compound, the more you have in your wallet the more you will get paid.When you have sufficient EDC in your wallet you can transfer it back to BitCoin and withdraw it back to your Bitcoin wallet

How do we earn daily EDC? It's simple really,however it requires a small amount of trust on everyones part, as it involves sending 2xEDC to your sponsor who will then send it back to you. So the actual dollar value is under $2 nothing too serious. The EDC site will then see this transaction and issue you with a daily "ASSET" based on your wallet balance of EDC

Here is a screenshot of my transactions showing the transfer daily between myself and my sponsor and the daily asset being added to my account

Watch the video below then if you decide to join in just follow the step by step instructions below

Video Coming Soon


If you already have a Bitcoin wallet and can fund it then skip ahead to step 2.

Open a free bitcoin wallet to deposit/withdraw/transfer and store your Bitcoin, These are 2 of the best that I recommend:


Fund your account and purchase some Bitcoin, this may take a few days to complete and you may also be required to send them some documents to verify your ID, eg.  a photo of your drivers license. ($20 to $30) should be fine to start with.


Now you have your gateway wallet set up (use this to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your bank account) you should use a separate wallet as a working wallet (use this one to store your bitcoin and to transfer bitcoin to and from the exchange, it will be safer and transfers are faster. Set up an account here: BLOCKCHAIN.INFO

Now send your bitcoin from your gateway wallet to your blockchain wallet.


Open a free EDC account and wallet here: 


Now you need to purchase some EDC with your bitcoin so you can fund your new EDC wallet Do that herehttps://spacebtc.com/

Open an account at Yobit.net and send the amount of bitcoin that you wish to spend on EDC to your Bitcoin wallet in Yobit

Then trade your bitcoin in Yobit for EDC and send the total EDC to your EDC wallet at Edinar.com

Now you are good to go, send me an Email at admin@letsgocash.com  and I will reply with my EDC wallet send me 2 EDC and I will send you 2 back. 

Simply wait each day until your asset is paid and then send me 2 EDC and I will send 2 back, repeat every day and you will get paid your asset every day.


Once you have compounded your daily EDC to a level you are happy with, you may begin to withdraw some and transfer either back to bitcoin or withdraw it as cash, simply reverse the process of depositing to your EDC wallet. eg send the amount you wish to withdraw to your YOBIT account, sell the EDC for Bitcoin, withdraw the Bitcoin to your blockchain account and then on to your gateway account if you want to cash out, just make a withdrawal to your bank account.


This is a bonus step really as it is something I will do for you that will help you earn bonus EDC. If you build your EDC wallet to 200 coins and then have 5 people sign up to EDC with at least 100 coins  in their wallet then the EDC site will pay you daily bonuses on top of your asset earnings. So if you build your account to 200 or more EDC I will add your EDC referral link to the EdinarCoin.com banner that you see above. That means when a new person joins from this page, they could join using YOUR link and become one of your 5, once they build their accounts to over 100 EDC you will start to receive bonus payments daily.

You could also introduce your freinds to this system and get them earning daily also, just send them your EdinarCoin.com referral link to join from. Email me at admin@letsgocash.com to discuss this further if you wish to be involved in the bonus. If you don't wish to, that's OK enjoy your daily earnings and eventually start to withdraw Bitcoin and cash whenever you wish to.

Now, all of that may sound a bit complicated, but trust me it isn't that bad, and once you are set up it couldn't be easier, a heck of a lot easier and more fun than clicking on ads every day. So if you see the power of compounding your earnings until you have enough to make withdrawals whenever you like then get started today

Here is the official corporate video for the Edinarcoin site

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