How has content marketing changed marketing communication?

‘Traditional Marketing Is
Broken,’ say industry experts. Industry giants who once reached
their target audience via advertisements have begun to seek them
through digital content. Marketing experts today weave stories in
their own words that readers find, read and share via social

Content marketing builds on a strategy that offers
meaningful content to the target audience and then proceeding to
reach them with the intent of selling. Very effective content sells
its own self and the product which marketing managers want to sell.
So, we find that most marketing teams spend time and effort on
building relevant content that their target audience might want to

For example, investment institutions focus their
marketing effort on educating people on handling money. They do that
in the hopes that interested readers would approach them to handle
investments. Creative personnel, media, PR and social agencies team
up to form the spine of content marketing in the digital era. Major
publishers sell sponsored content through their sites as part of
content marketing.

The biggest and most important component in
the scheme of content marketing is of course, social media. Coming up
with interesting content helps secure readers who market the content
with each share or like. Whether the common netizen wants a car or
not, he has good brand recall of several brands, because he surfs and
sponsored content pops up here and there.The savvy marketing leader
of today builds content that is factually sound, gives it a good dose
of human content which makes sure the content gets disseminated via
social media. And the crux of the content is of course, the need for
a product the marketeer looks to sell!

Whether it is a start
up that sprung up a week ago or a globally established giant, content
marketing. What used to be marketing communication has become
communication marketing today. Yes, content is more important than
anything else! Content that goes viral gets all the votes.


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