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When I decided that , I need to have my own business as doing 9-5 job for  10 years , was not that something which was making me happy .

The phrase “Do something you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life,” although poetic and inspiring, isn’t always accurate for entrepreneurs. Studies show that the long days with little downtime ultimately end up taking a toll on your health, relationships, and productivity.

If you work on your own business full time, work-life balance is extremely important. If you work 9-5 and run your own business on the side, work-life balance is critical.

It’s a Very Real Problem

In a 2016 study on the number of hours per week small business owners work, The Alternative Board found that nearly half of the entrepreneurs worked more than 50 hour per week with nearly 20% working over 60 hours per week.

•19% work 60+ hours per week

•30% work 50-59 hours per week

•33% work 40-49 hours per week

•14% work 30-39 hours per week

•5% work less than 30 hours per week

These long weeks, compounded over months and years can have a significant detrimental effect on many aspects of your life and health.

If that’s not enough, in another study from Stanford, it was found that productivity decreases significantly when a work week hits 50+ hours/week. In fact, when a work week passes 55 hours, productivity plummets so much that there’s almost no point in working anymore. It’s the law of diminishing returns.

These detrimental effects aren’t just limited to your personal health and productivity, the stress and the symptoms that accompany it can also affect your personal relationships with your spouse, family and kids and co-workers. Furthermore, if you’re not at your best, your business can’t be operating at its optimum and if you work a 9-5 job while you’re building your  business, your performance there can take a hit as well. There’s a lot at stake.

As an entrepreneur, and especially a passionate entrepreneur, it’s easy to blur the lines of work and life. Many times work may be enjoyable or have enjoyable aspects to it that each hour melts into the next.

I started reading some article on maintaining that balance in my life , now I can give you 10’s of Secrets to Achieving a Harmonious Work-Life Balance ,

1. Prepare for the upcoming week ,  2. Take vacations

3. Celebrate all holidays ,  4. Focus on one thing at a time

5. Automate as much as possible , etc …

But I still did lot of research Online and could only found online industry having lot of potential and solution to my all the problems .. I would say solution for all the problems someone is facing in their might me guessing how my problems are to do with Online Industry ..

Again I can give 10 disadvantages of an traditional business over online home business and then you can yourself decide how this can be a gift from god for someone who wants to do something big in their life and is really serious ..



In entrepreneurship, there’s always more to do, and there’s never enough time. That’s entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs will at some point work too much, too long and too hard, burning themselves out. While the hustle is important, especially in the early stages of a new business, what’s important is to recognize when productivity, health and relationships with those around you begin to dip and do a course correction.

Research on some of the simple information outlined in this post regarding Online business , you can achieve a better work-life balance to stay productive, happy and healthy so you can keep building .

Thanks ..Anand


Author: askanandnow

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