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Author: fuloop

Nowadays, less and less people are going to the Yellow Pages to find local businesses than ten years ago. 

So, how are the customers going to find you, the mortar and brick business?
The internet. Customers are going online in massive numbers.
If you own a business and want to keep it, you must use online marketing not just to compete, but to survive.

Here are some statistics to keep in mind;

According to Comscore, more than 50% of consumer use locations in their online search.  Example: “Restaurants in Los Angeles”.   Also, more than 75% of all online activity is related to local search according to Google Stats.

The closer your business is to the person doing the online search, the more likely your listing will show up in the search.  And the closer your business is to the town the local search term is, the better.

67% of Americans use local online search to find local businesses. This number is growing every year.   Only a third of all Yellow Page searches are in the print Yellow Pages. Over two thirds of all Yellow Page searches are online.
82% of all local searchers follow up with an action either a walk in or a phone call.

Customers are going to buy somewhere…. why not from you?

43% of all searches are local with the intent of buying off line. Most people would rather buy locally, but if they don’t find you, they cannot buy from you. Another truth to this statistic is that there are lots of local people shopping online with the idea of buying online.  They are shocked when you show up at the top of a local internet search. They simply don’t expect a local business to show up in the search engines.  And because you are local, and they can talk to a real person, they will stop by or call you, ready to buy.

There are two things people look for online besides entertainment; to learn about something or to buy something. The vast majority go online to learn more before they decide to buy. The learning stage may take several months. The buying stage takes a few days, or less.  You multiply your effective advertising results if you attract people in both the learning and buying stages.

The flaw in any offline advertising is that you ignore the majority of people in the learning stage.

In fact, here is the normal way local people buy.

1) Decide that they want something, or need something.
2) Go online for information about solution alternatives (Getting information).
3) Stay online to shop prices and models (Getting information).
4) Stay online to check out reviews and ask friends online for opinions (Getting information).
5) They decide to buy, locally if possible. Online if convenient (Buying).

According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. The category with the highest percentage of mobile search volume was “Food & Beverage,” with 72 percent.

Driving Traffic to Your Business Has Never Been Easier, More
Convenient or More Powerful.

Mobile phones are always on and in the hand or pockets of consumers at all times. In most cases, mobile searches occur while on the go, which means a mobile user is further along in the purchase decision process than with any other form of media.

Mobile search allows your business to be visible and promoted anywhere consumers are searching while using their mobile phone. With mobile search, your business can be highly visible on an extensive network of search directories, search sites, maps and navigation applications. Ads are location-based, which means consumers will only see ads based on their geographic location and search keywords. Additional performance is achieved through the inclusion of a mobile landing page that contains an email address, phone number and hours of operation along with other information also customized to the searcher’s location. You can effectively reach consumers through this highly customizable and powerful mobile search program.

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Author: fuloop

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