My Master Journey Has Shifted

Author: josephtokish

I initially set out to obtain a master of science in Business Intelligence through Full Sail University. I quickly understood that the program was not for me. I am a very creative person who likes to talk with people to understand their passion and motivations. I left the program in June and entered to start the master of science in Internet Marketing through Full Sail University on August 28th. It was the best decision to make.

I believe in the concept to taste everything and stick with the things you like. Business Intelligence is a great program for people who want to gain a quantified solution to human interactions. The business intelligence systems allow organizations to capture information throughout their entire workflow and can use the data to enhance the effectiveness of their company’s performance. While this is crucial to develop for a business to be successful, it was not interesting to me.

I entered into the Fundamentals of Internet Marketing where I was refreshed on topics that I had learned about through the bachelor’s program. The primary objective of the class is to allow students who are new to internet marketing to understand what marketing on the web is and methods to use to develop brand awareness. Throughout the course, we were asked to prepare a presentation, research reports, and interact with other classmates through weekly discussion posts. 

The course started at the basics of what internet marketing is. Each week we were introduced to more sophisticated methods to think about when developing an online marketing strategy while learning about ongoing topics related to the industry. Some topics that we covered included privacy risks with re-targeting advertisement and how to monitor what people say about a brand online. Each of these topics played a vital role to push me to the next level as an internet marketer.

Author: josephtokish

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