Online marketing – 3 biggest lie They  Ever  told you & you fellow for it!

 Internet marketing – Get Exposed ..

Beginner what you need to know from online markers .The true it’s never free.,but that is ok if you are getting training out of what you are paying for. You will need a lot of how to ,from soical media, traffic , content , website, video marting and more , Not that easy. But anything worth having is worth you’re time and money. 

Internet marketing guru

“Free -Easy to start up”

“Anyone can start an online business that earns  $$$ in a week “

“Make six figures online with out doing anything”

Quick Internet marketing Do’s

  • Always try to use a domain name for your site that is very easy to remember, short and simple. If you choose a domain name that is very difficult to remember, then it will be difficult for you to get more traffic.
  • Always try to provide useful information. Giving your website visitors what they need will make the site simple for them to use. An easy to use site is one of the fundamental elements that brings repeat web traffic.
  • Start to learn search engine optimization and actualize it into your website. When individuals discover your site as an aftereffect of a web crawler referral, you have an opportunity to win cash without paying out marketing dollars to grow traffic. READ MORE


1.You can pay for advertising and marketing automation to grow your business without any time commitment on your end.” – Absolutely NOT!

Unfortunately, more often Advertising, marketing automation and lead generating services drain your pocket dry  instead of building a base that you can leverage as you grow.

2.Content is king You need to avoid Rambling without a point ,Dull, dry, icky content that could have come from anywhere -Absolutely NOT 


Do solve business problems for your audience

Good content and value wi’ll make you look like an expert even if you are not.  Add these Ingredients That Make Great Content

Create Original Content 

Strong Headlines

Keywords, longtail 


Create Engaging and Thought Provoking Content

3. you should know there a 4  basic ways you  can

build revenue online



Create and Sell

Offer Online Courses or Ebooks

Affiliate Marketing

Make an App

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