Online Marketing Tools For Real Estate

Internet marketing is one of the quickest-changing and fastest-moving industries in its field.  It’s affected every single aspect of marketing, including real estate, where it forces professionals to continuously innovate in order to find the most cost-effective ways to market real estate.  The real estate agent who fails to utilize online marketing risk becoming irrelevant.  Here are some of the top online marketing tools for real estate business, based off of a presentation I found on SlideShare:

Online marketing agencies: An aggressive and solid online marketing campaign is a great way to make your website both authoritative and easy to find.  imFORZA and Blackwater Consulting/Compass Internet Systems are companies that help real estate professionals make their attractive websites effective through lead conversion in the search engines.  

Web design: A well-designed website, as well as marketing oriented with “calls to action”, is a great way to boost your real estate.  On the other side of the coin, a poorly-designed site with a confusing layout will turn off a lot of potential customers, who will be more inclined to move towards your competitors.  If you don’t know how to build a good site or don’t know anybody, there are always people who can do it for you.  One great business that’s particularly good for real estate professionals is Webmasters in Canada.

Email marketing: While this is a dated form of online marketing, a well-planned email marketing campaign will market your real estate business in the most targeted and cost-effective way possible.  Setting up an email marketing service will enable you to stay before your leads and contact them.  

Mobile/text message marketing: As the number of people using cell phones keeps growing, mobile marketing is set to become more effective and powerful than ever.  Such companies as DriveBuy Technologies and GoomZee offer plenty of services, such as interactive text property listings.


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