Seek First to Understand, Then To Be Understood: Week 5

In the world of marketing, how do you know you understand
your customers’ wants and needs? On the flip side, how do you know that your
customer understands the brand or product you are trying to sell. Most of you
do not know the answers to these two questions. Throwing something against the
wall and hoping that it sticks is very popular in online marketing today. FYI,
it will not work. It is just unnecessary work that has no value to your brand. So
what now?

First, you must understand what your customers what to see,
hear, discuss, buy, etc. Unfortunately, most of the time it is not you or what
you are selling. So why constantly shove it down their throat? Don’t! Start by
simply listening and observing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
See what is the popular chatter. That is what you use to pull them in: their
wants and needs. They want to watch the video of the cute puppy, not the video
of how your product is made. Listening and understanding is key.

Well when do I advertise my business? Good question! On
social media marketing platforms, maybe once or twice at the most a week. You
need to boost the value of you or your product. Overwhelming the customer will
do just the opposite. Your first step of understanding the customer draws their
interests and in turn, they will hopefully begin to value your meaningful

View your daily marketing tasks as a circle. You post a
video, pic, etc.; all irrelevant to you, but interesting to the customer. Then
comes your post about the next showing you may be hosting or your next new
product. That’s your value. Then we come back to step one again with posts relating
to your customers’ wants. This cycle should be completed at least twice a week.
This will create the interaction and engagement that is necessary to stay
relevant on social media platforms.

Remember listening and understanding is key to interaction
and engagement


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