So, Why is Content King?

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A lot has changed in the 20+ years since Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king.” A lot. Yet the premise remains true, and will for the foreseeable future. Buy why? Why is content king? What makes content so important? There’s several reasons that all intermingle, but first let’s define content.

Content is a rather flexible term. It really refers to anything your brand creates and disperses for the purpose of online engagement. Content could be videos, articles, podcasts or audio files, images or memes – just about anything! So, why is this simple concept royalty? Why is content king? For simplicity, let’s break it down into two parts: push and pull.


Consumers engage with hundreds of items everyday. Between checking thephone 150 times a day, being distracted by 150+ advertisements a day, and everything else that’s going on, consumers’ attention is being grabbed from all angles at all times. The problem is, you need their attention. Badly.

People forget quickly. It’s not because they’re dumb, it’s because there’s always something new and different vying for their attention. If you want people to engage with you, you’ve got to push something directly in front of them in hopes of grabbing their attention. And you’ve got to do this time and time again so that these people will actually remember you. That’s where content comes into play.

You’ve got to have content – something funny, entertaining, or informational – to push in front of people to grab their attention. Maybe you do it through emails, maybe you do it through various social media platforms. Continual engagement is what places and keeps your brand on consumers minds. Engagement is key to growth.

Why is content king? Because it’s the medium for engagement between your targets and your brand. Content is how you reach people, and how you grab their attention. Without their attention, you will never have their dollars.


People want answers. People are searching. They’re looking. They’re discovering. They’re learning. If they’re not learning from you, then from whom?

If “push” is related to engagement and consumer attention, “pull” is related to providing answers and search engine optimization. In “push,” you’re placing content where people are already spending time, more or less encroaching on consumers’ turf (in a good way). In “pull,” you’re providing the place for consumers to go. Content to the consumer is like a salt lick to the deer. They want something, and you’ve got it, so they come to you.

Google processes 110+ billion searches every month. What’s providing answers to all those searches? What’s bringing resolution to those queries? It’s content. By providing answers and solutions to questions and queries relating to your industry, you can attract consumers. You can turn them into subscribers and paying customers who help your brand grow.

Why is content king? Because it’s the medium through which you provide answers, thereby earning consumers’ trust, and ultimately their dollars.

In Sum

Content is key for two primary reasons: branding and answers. When consumers are checking email and browsing through social media, they’re looking for something to engage with. If you’re not pushing something in front of them – content – their attention will be taken by someone else who ispushing content in front of them.

You need that attention to become consumers’ go-to choice for whatever it is you do. On the other side, people are always searching for answers. By providing content for those searches, by providing those answers, you’re attracting and converting people who will pay your bills and salaries.

Why is content king? Because content, in its many forms, is the solution to both consumer engagement and customer acquisition, which are each critical to business growth.

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Author: textrequest

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