Successful Ways to Promote Your Business on YouTube

Author: sproutyyc

Humour is an excellent way
to host and create branded
it also helps unite the performers “Funny content is
shared because amusement is a high-arousal emotion.” funny content stands out,
it’s attention grabbing, eye catching and is spread amongst internet users,
it’s a fast way of getting your product across.

Why do you think YouTubers
are hired to market products such as goubtube or bigdaws because they have
followers as they use
humour to attract viewership

Some videos are promoted
next to the YouTube
, your video however, does not play automatically and you
are only charged by Google AdWords account when people click on the thumbnail
of your video and begin to watch it.


There are two different
types of In-Stream Video Ads: TrueView In-Stream Ads and Non-Skippable
In-Stream Ads, these ass are not expensive they cost around $0.04 per view.
This means, if you get 1,000 views, you would only be charged $40.

The TrueView In-Stream Ads
are able to be skipped after 5 seconds. This means that for this type of ad,
you need to grab the viewers’ attention immediately. You’ll be able to see how
well your ad is grabbing attention by seeing if people are watching past the
first 5 seconds or not.

On the other hand, there are
also non-skippable ads, these ads ensure the user watch the whole


These types of ads are close
to AdWords text ads, as the headline and description lines are the same number
of characters, but they appear in YouTube videos. These types of ads are not
truly video ads, and they only are shown in videos.

It seems like a dream to
believe that at one point in time social media was not used to help a business
grow, today this has become a norm everyone resorts to social media, it is the
main source of advertisement for many entrepreneurs, however some business
owners have not been able to make the most out of social media, although
they’re doing what they can for their business they haven’t been able to make
the most out of it in 2012 54% of business owners said that they require help
with social
media advertising
today this number stands at 45%.

media advertising
is all about mingling with the correct
audience’s, you need to engage with the correct people, there is a huge online
community whom if approached in the correct manner can become potential clients,
however, they dislike self-promoters, so how do you use this medium for free
advertising I hear you ask? It’s simple you do not cold call, you engage. So
basically you share Insight and share value this will develop a form
credibility and trust, from here on they will share your product service with
their friends try to talk about your customers needs, interest’s and challenges
they face show that you know their business.

Author: sproutyyc

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