The Future Video Marketing Strategy 2018 – Infographic

Author: thevisualcube

Who says small businesses and start-ups cannot compete with
the big dogs?
It is true that the deep pockets of big corporations have access
to the best digital marketing agencies. But that does not bode an ill fate for
small businesses and start-ups. Most start-ups and small businesses do not have
to compete with big companies. So… all it takes is for you to conjure up your
inner entrepreneurial mojo, to become the new kid on the block with fresh new
ideas to compete within your market.

Most new businesses and start-ups do not live to see a
second anniversary. While there are many factors that decided the fate of a new
business, one thing business owners and entrepreneurs continue to ignore is how
crucial video is in today’s marketing landscape.  In my many years as a video marketer, I have
realized that the fundamental error most business owners do not realize as the
“real problem” (as they frantically agonize over their inability to
successfully market their businesses), is the fact that they absorb so many
opinions and get trapped in a marketing limbo.

Look… I know you have heard about video. You have seen it on
facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, and you have heard of it, and you know
it exist. Video is the BEST medium available today to get the BEST results (in
any marketing platform). Ignoring it any longer will be at your own peril.

In fact, a carefully planned video marketing strategy can make you (business owner) look like a Rock Star.

Don’t trust my word? Well… I rounded up some of the best internationally
acclaimed marketers and got their opinion about what the future of marketing
holds in 2018. Just read through their opinions and see how you can effectively
do all what they say with video. You can follow them on their twitter feed for
my learning.

No more painful learning curves… No more agonizing over whom
or which expert to believe… No more thinking in the mindset of “could have”
“would have” should have”. Embrace 2018 as the year you think ahead, and become
one of four winners of Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. The Future Video Marketing
Strategy 2018 – Abandon the traditional way of how you communicate, and avoid
listening to traditionalists marketing gurus. You (as a startup and a small
business owner) can compete with the big dogs when it comes to bending the
curve and being creative with fresh new ideas in ways you can communicate to
your niche… with video.

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Author: thevisualcube

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