The Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

Author: websitegrowth

The number one rule of marketing is being one step ahead of
your competition.  What better way to
keep a leg up on your rivals than with the latest trends in marketing?   Website Growth, a Beverly
Hills marketing company
in shares the predicted top digital marketing
trends for 2017.

Content Marketing

Content marketing was voted as one of the most important
tools in a marketing strategy for 2017.
There should be a clear and focused strategy for your content, a good
tip is to set your goals then work backwards from there.  Don’t waste your time posting just to post,
be sure there is a reason for each piece of content you put out.

Analyzing the Three V’s in Data

Volume, velocity and variety.  These are the most important factors to
consider when analyzing the data behind your marketing efforts.  Volume measures how much content you have to
put out in order for it to be successful.
Variety measures what kinds of content and how much you are putting out
(social media, blogs, press releases, etc.).
Velocity tells you what kind of content posting types was the most
successful (batch, periodic, near real time or real time).

Marketing Goes Mobile

Mobile marketing has skyrocketed in importance as more and
more companies adopt mobile-friendly web-design.  Research suggests that monetary conversion
rates on mobile devices are much lower than their desktop counterparts, which
suggests that many companies will rush into this potential market before it
explodes, giving them the upper hand as more and more businesses follow suit.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO has seen a rise in the last few years and it’s more
important than ever in 2017.  As more companies
opt for organic approaches to improve their search engine rankings, the harder
it will be to compete in the field the longer you wait.

Hills Marketing Company

Website Growth is a reputable Beverly Hills marketing
company and member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.  They specialize in this geographical segment
and know it well.  To learn more about
digital marketing and how we can grow your business, visit our website or call (310)
235-1011. Innovation at your fingertips.

Author: websitegrowth

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