Tips for Online Marketers: Redirecting the Conversation in a Wired World

I found it surprising that only 72% of internet users spend time buying a product. Based on the importance and convenience behind online shopping, I figured it’d be a bit higher. Online marketers can take advantage of these statistics above. Why not follow customers where they are spending their time? 

94% of internet users send or read email. 

For an online marketer, they can use this to their advantage. They can make sure their company is more dependent on email campaigns. The online marketer can send suggestions to the company, that will provide positive changes. If your company gets the email address for the internet users sending and reading email, your information will reach new people and will expand.

Ways to Increase Customer Reach By Email:

  •  Require cashiers to ask for email addresses at the register.
  •  Install a home screen on your website that asks for an email address to continue.

87% of internet users use a search engine to find information. 

An online marketer could improve their SEO and keywords, so their company will be listed towards the top of search engines. Being on the first page of a search engine is necessary, if you want your information to actually be read and get views.

78% of internet users look for information online about a service or product they are thinking about buying. 

This is where social validation can come in handy! Have your company give incentives to those who rate and leave reviews on the products/company online. Buyers typically look at product reviews and if they notice other people had a positive experience with a product, they’ll be more willing to jump the bullet and order one too.

75% of internet users go online to get news.

Online marketers need to keep their customers in the loop. One way they can reach these internet users is by releasing information about the company and keeping customers up to date and interested.

72% of internet users go online for fun and/or to pass time. 

Social media marketers can get these users by providing fun quizzes, articles or polls on their companies social media pages. If a company’s social media page is entertaining, internet users will be attracted to it and spend time on there. For better examples, take a look at these companies. They are doing social media marketing right and people are noticing:

66% of internet users go online to watch a video on a video sharing site like Youtube. 

Online marketers can appeal to these users by having a Youtube channel and updating it frequently with entertaining, quality content.


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