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According to Shareaholic report
2014, social media was more popular than research as a means for website
referral traffic.The fact that social media is picking the traffic is true
since 2011. Well, does that mean SEO is dead? Are search engines still relevant

Not true.

Consumers even now search for
products on Google if they want to buy something. Search traffic is repeatable,
sustainable and long term. SEO is still very much alive. There is no way it is
going to lose steam.In fact, the landscape is getting even more competitive. This
is the reason you have  to be updated
with what’s going on with SEO. On the basis of statistics and facts, here are 5
SEO predictions that become prominent in the coming years.

SEO predictions for next 5 years

1. Content search beyond the Web browsers

Mobile phones are becoming a
major source of Internet browsing. According to a recent report, the mobile has
also become the main source of commerce. As we see the number of smartphone
owners are increasing. Going by the reports of Statista, the mobile Internet
penetration is growing at 61.2 percent worldwide in 2018. This is the reason we
are getting habitual and familiar with using the petite screen for everyday
tasks. Google reports that the number of mobile search more than desktop

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