Top 5 ways to Grow Your Personal Brand Online

Author: wekarndeepfan

1. Research Your Current Standing – Before attempting to build a name for yourself, check what’s already out there about you (your brand). Is there any articles or post that you’ve written that have made its way into Google’s large archive. Are there any wild, crazy photos from your colleges days that still pop up when you type in your name? If there is any negative materials out there about you online make sure you tie up the loose ends and clear/clean up your name.

2. Promote your content directly.

Identify people that you want to follow you. Learn a little about them through their social and shared content. Then go find content you think would be beneficial to them.

Share it with them, and tell them, “I saw you were interested in X, or had X problem, so I think this piece of content might interest you/be helpful.” This is how you delight customers and create raving fans. This is how you prepare a base of potential customers.

3. Diversify Your Content

I recommend crafting a communications strategy for your personal brand that includes an editorial calendar and a diverse content plan so that you won’t resort to publishing the same types of articles every single day. Be sure to include images, videos, articles, and even questions. This will appeal to a larger set of people. Your variation of content will definitely get you a long way ahead on the digital platform.

4. Work with influencers

It is essential that you start working with a set of influencers who are related your brand and can help you in promotion. Instagram and other social media platforms are excellent when it comes to finding reasonable influencers for your brands. Moreover, you need to understand the fact that the influencers have a very powerful impact over the audience in general.

5. Identify Your Uniqueness and Your Strengths

Think about the characteristics and strengths you’ve built in your career. If you are stuck thinking about that “one thing” that everyone says you rock at. If you’re still stuck, ask others. Among such tough competition online marketing in Kolkata is all about knowing what your company stands for and how much are you willing to promote it. If you are internet marketing company in Kolkata then use this for your clients.

Author: wekarndeepfan

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