What Not To Do On Social Media

We all read articles each day about what is good to post on
social media for our business. But what we do not see much of is what not to
discuss on our social media platforms in order to promote our business. Below
you will find a list of the common “no no’s” for your business’s social media:

1. Do not wing it- Having a plan is essential to
gaining a larger social media following. Yes, we all know we need to drive
clients to our pages to see reviews, etc. But if you do not research what your clients
really want to see, it will be a slow process in achieving your real goals.

2. Don’t try to fool your clients- We all want to
be bigger and better than our competition. But our client’s B.S. meters are at
an all time high, so don’t waste your time in trying to fool them. Be truthful;
they will relate to that. Instead of trying to overpower them, let them share
in your little victories as a business.

3. Don’t be too broad- Those little victories you
share with your clients will give them more of a reason to relate to you. Show
you are putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your business. Clients will notice
that and appreciate it. To them, that means you take them seriously; that they
are not just another number to you.

4. Do not spam- We no longer see spam in emails. It
is all over social media sites. Do not fall into that trap. Just because you
are posting each day, doesn’t mean your clients value it. Space out your posts
and only post ones that have true value and meaning to your business.

5. Do not be inappropriate- This can be a very
broad top as far as “do not’s”. This can relate to profanity, political views,
personal issues, offensive, etc. Just don’t. You will only lose clients, not
gain them.

6. Do not always self-promote- Yes, you are on social
media to promote you and your business, but if all your posts are one-way, clients
will begin to lose interest. Balance is key. With your four or five posts each
week, a self-promoting post should be one, maybe two of those. You want to draw
in your clients to make those posts all that more valuable.

What to do and not to do on social media platforms is hard.
It takes planning and focus to get it right. So why worry about all the other
outlets you have to update daily?

We all strive to have customer feedback to gain new clients.
Word of mouth advertising is the best advertising there is. Reviews, ratings,
testimonials; they all promote your business. Real Agent Ratings is here to
help you in your path of self-promoting. A platform that is made to take the
hard work out of advertising and optimizing you and your business is finally
here. Now that you know all the don’ts, do head to Real Agent Ratings today to
take the headache out of your business.


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