What to Expect From the Digital Marketing Industry This Coming Year

What to Expect From the Digital Marketing Industry This Coming Year

At the end of each year, marketing experts from around the globe give their two cents about what to expect from the industry regarding new and fading “best practices.” Of course, they can only predict what is to come, but usually, they’re right. 2018, just like 2017, 2016 and all the years the before it, is predicted to see big change and companies that want to see big success better be willing to change with it. Whether you currently utilize a digital marketing service, keep your marketing in-house or don’t invest in marketing at all, you may benefit from keeping the following two big predictions in mind:

Content Quality is More Important Than Content Quantity

For many businesses, pushing out enough content is no longer an issue; however, pushing out effective content is. With more brands competing for web-space than ever before, consumers have their pick of hundreds of products and service offerings. The result? They do their research and buy from the company that speaks to them. Price is no longer the sole selling point. Relationships are. Smart brands are collaborating with professional digital marketing service providers to build relationships with their customers via engaging and relevant content. Those who continue to utilize a DIY approach may quickly find themselves at the bottom of the totem pole as their clients turn to brands with relationship-focused content.

Interactive Content is Where It’s At

Again, with millions of brands competing for web-space, there is no shortage of content on the internet. So, how do consumers decide which content to view and which is not worth their time? They look for content that is not only relevant, but that is also easy to digest and with which they can participate. Think web-surveys, quizzes and online calculators (have you tried Zillow’s “How much mortgage can you afford?” calculator?). Create content people can play with and you’ll have their attention.

Collaborating with a digital marketing service provider may be the best thing you do for your company this coming year, as professionals can anticipate trends and help you implement new best practices (and ditch the old) without compromising your digital presence.


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